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Sheepskin Cleaning and Protection

Sheepskin needs special carefully and protection. If you want to have healthy, neat, beautiful sheepskin you should think about cleaning - how and what to do. You must remember about regular airing and beat sheepskin rugs - in this way you prevent dust, dust mites and undesirable odors from settling. It is important to clean the sheepskin from time to time with a suitable preperate. It's best to use the dry method. If you want to keep the fluffy and soft bristles you need to get a brush that will help comb the bristles. Cleaning and protection will allow you to enjoy sheepskin for a longer time.

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Products made of natural leather and sheep wool

Sheepskins are universal home accessories fashionable all the time. Our products are multifunctional.You can use them as: children's rug, carpet, bedcover and even as a wall decoration. Currently, minimalism rules among interior design trends - bright colors, lots of light, multifunctional, single furniture and characteristic accessories. The accessories give character to the interior and create a unique atmosphere. Products made of natural sheepskin and sheep's wool in various colors and shapes, soft, fluffy pillows, original pouffes or rams made of spruce perfectly match the current trends. A unique, cozy atmosphere in your room with Spoxy Sheep.

Decorative and natural sheepskin

Sheepskins are a purchase for years.We make every effort to ensure that you can enjoy our products for as long as possible. When you buy at Spoxy Sheep, you have the guarantee of the highest quality of services. Our skins come from trusted, ethical sources. The headquarters is located in a small town in Podhale - Szaflary. Here, in close proximity to mountains, nature and most importantly sheep, we produce sheepskins and decorative accessories and look after every stage of work. From the moment of obtaining the skin to the courier's departure with the parcel. We are a 100% Polish company with 30 years of tradition and vast experience.

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