• Medical Sheepskins Relugan

Relugan sheepskins have recently made a sensation on the Polish market as well as on the global market thanks to their health benefits. Their characteristic yellow color is the result of a vegetable tanning agent used in the tanning process, which helps preserve the natural properties of the skin.

Health properties

Relugan leathers are very soft, and their fluffy bristles have relaxing and anti-stress properties. They help relieve pain, neutralize the action of negative magnetic fields and water veins, and thanks to natural thermoregulation they heat, but do not overheat.

Relugan sheep skins are recommended especially for people suffering from diseases of the joints, spine and roots, as well as for pregnant women and children. The natural protein and lanolin contained in them destroy bacteria and mites, giving the skin anti-allergic and anti-bacterial properties. These skins are also often used as an aid in rehabilitation.

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