• Sheepskin Pillows

The best relax? Head on the soft, fluffy pillow after long day in work. Try our amazing products! Make a luxurious statement in your living room or bedroom with a stone longwool sheepskin pillow. The stone color of this pillow is a fresh and modern take on the idea of cozy and will definitely make your space feel welcoming, warm, and comfortable.

Sheepskin pillows

Simply adding one or two unshorn sheepskin throw pillows can make the biggest difference to a boring or drab room. With double-sided thick, plush sheepskin it won’t matter where or how you display them, they will look great in every room. Our pillows have anti-stress properties, are hypoallergenic, especially recommended for pregnant women, provide 100% comfort during sleep. Available in various color options. Not only do these shearling pillows enhance a home they also make an ideal gift for a friend or loved one.

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