• Iceland Sheepskins

Sheepskins known in Poland as Iceland, come from a special species of Icelandic sheep. This species, imported to Iceland by the Vikings, has not been crossed with any other species for many centuries, resulting in a unique type of sheep and unique skins.

Characteristic features

In Poland, very few sheep of this species are bred, which is why their skins are so valuable for connoisseurs. They are characterized by very long bristles, reaching even 25 cm in length, and a unique, pearl gloss.

Skins Iceland are great for decorating any room, adding a cozy elegance, and their versatility makes it look great on the floor, as well as on the sofa, chair or bed. A wide range of colors of natural and dyed sheepskin in our offer will help find the sheepskin that will best suit the interior design. Sheepskins are naturally hypoallergenic. They are safe for people with allergies and skin problems.

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